Is it possible to generate a 3D plot with EE

Dear All,

Is it possible to generate a 3D plot with EE? e.g. the dye concentration or water temperature in the model area given a time stamp. I understand EE can display for a profile or cross section, but did not find a way to show 3D plot.

Am i missing something?


Hi Hailiang,

In the upcoming version of EFdc explorer (EE7.1) there is an option to view the 3-d plot. No other previous versions have that capability. If you are on a university or a company you can upgrade to the latest version to access all the new features including 3D plots.


Thanks Janesh.

Any news on when the version 7.1 will be available? Will the 3D plot also be accessible in web version? Thanks



It seems Dynamic SOlutions Intl’ has released the EFDC 7.1 version today. You can download the software and even ask for the trial version or use just the web version to try out the new features including the 3D plot.