Import Grid / Corners(4)

I am trying to generate model using import grid function “Corners(4)”-file. However, EFDC_Explore5 gives me an error message “The I & J pointer for the Runtime Status is invalid!” I thought maybe format of my Corners-file is incorrect, however I have tried to create model using Corners-file from my other working model and it still give me the same error message.
Just in case, there are a couple lines from my Corners-files (J, I, xy- corners):
1 3 399965.4 7161930.5 399965.6 7161926.2 399971.2 7161926.5 399971.0 7161930.8
2 3 399965.6 7161926.2 399965.7 7161921.9 399971.4 7161922.2 399971.2 7161926.5
3 3 399965.7 7161921.9 399965.9 7161917.6 399971.6 7161917.9 399971.4 7161922.2
4 3 399965.9 7161917.6 399966.1 7161913.2 399971.7 7161913.5 399971.6 7161917.9
5 3 399966.1 7161913.2 399966.3 7161908.9 399971.9 7161909.2 399971.7 7161913.5
Please let me know if I am using wrong format, and what can I do to avoid this error message.
Thank you!

Maria wrote: "The I & J pointer for the Runtime Status is invalid!"

Maria the error you mentioned is not a big issue in EFDC model. The error message "The I and J pointer for the Runtime Status is invalid" means the I and J shown in the Grid & General tab is not correct. This might have happened due to the template EFDC file you used to generate the file. You can go to the view plan and look at the valid i and J locations within your model domain. If you replace the I and J values on the Grid and General then this error will vanish.

Let me know if this solves your problem.



John; I am afraid I am going to need more assistance here ;]. After I have loaded my corner file and efdc.inp file and clik “Generate”, EFDC shows a message “Imported 2500 Cells”; so it seems that model grid should be generated at this point. However, when I go to View Grid tab, it shows a triangle, :[ ?(see attachment). I&J pointer at Grid & General tab do have some strange values (both -1009). However, the overall grid view does not change weather or not i change these I and J values. That is why I was wondering if my input file format is wrong… Please, let me know what I might be doing wrong. Thank you for your help!

Hi Maria, Your view plan looks strange. You can try to open your model changing the scale factor to 100 or 1000 and see whether you can see the rectangular grids. You can find the scale under the Load Options where you click the browse button in EFDC Explorer. If you could upload your model files somewhere i could have a look and give you advice. Another thing you could try is to create a grid using the expanding grid option by assigning the polygon file. Just let me know where you uploaded your model so I could take a look. Thanks John

John; I have a computational grid that I am trying to recreate in EFDC. Basically, I have grid corners coordinate’s data, that’s why I thought that the easiest way would be importing corner file. Let me know if you can think of any other way of doing it. For now, I am just trying to learn how to use import grid (Corners) model generation option. I am using corner file from my other EFDC model; so format of this file should be correct. I have attached model files and the corner file that I am trying to use for model generation. I have attached both files since EFDC saves only first line of data in this corner file after model generation. I have run out of ideas of what I am doing wrong in the grid generation process, so please let me know if you have any ideas. Thank you for your help! Maria

Hi Maria, I looked at the attached files you sent to me. It seems corners.inp file is not properly creating the grid. I am not sure what went wrong there. I also tried to create one sample grid using the corners.inp file on my computer and I didn’t succeed. If you want to create the new grid from the existing model, the easiest way is to create the grid from the polygon. I have attached one file here which will explain you how to create the simple grids. How to create grid in EFDC Explorer One thing might be difficult i.e to create a polygon file to create the grid. Let me know if you have any questions. John

John; Unfortunately, the grid I am trying to recreate is not as simple as typical grid created from polygon file. Since, you didn’t succeed in creating model from corner.inp file as well, should I report it as a bug somewhere so it can be fixed? Thank you! Maria


Do you have a software called Delft ? There is a sub module called delft RGFgrid and to create a complex grid like what you want to create this can be a perfect software to use with. I haven’t used EFDC’s inbuilt grid generation much. Usually if I want to create the curvilinear grids, I go to Delft RGFgrid and create a grid and use EFDC explorer to import the grid. You can request the trial version of Delft3D RGFgrid which works for 2 weeks and I believe that should be sufficient for you to create a nice looking grid.

Good luck.

Thank you for advice! I will try to do it in Delft!