If the water froze during the simulation time

Dear Professor,
What settings should we change if the water froze during the simulation time?
For example, should we change the boundary conditions such as inflow/outflow, wind speed, wind direction, solar radiation, humility, water temperature,air temperature.etc into zero?
It is nice of you to show a list of the settings different from non-frozen conditions, thank you soooooooo much!

Hello Ravina,

What do you mean by “water froze during the simulation time ?” Does it mean you want to simulate the scenario when there is ice on the surface ?

Yes! For example, I want to simulate one or two years, but there is ice on the surface in winter. What is different in this condition compared with normal condition? Thank you so much!

EE does not currently support the ice sub-model, however you may turn it on manually in EFDC_DSI. You will need to look at the source code for how this works but it basically requires a look up table for the time period for which ice cover starts and stops. When there is ice cover this EFDC ice submodel prevents all surface heat exchange and eliminates reaeration at the surface.