I followed the steps in the Build a 2D Lake Model (Level 1 Step-by-Step Guidance), but when I finally visualized the EFDC Model Output, why I can’t show the vector and magnitude velocity field results, and I even can’t find the vector and magnitude velocity in the Primary Group and Parameter.

Hi Nick,Inside the Primary Group drop-down menu, there is a “Velocities” option, then select “Velocity Vector” in the parameter. This should display the velocity vector field results that you are interested in.After adding this velocity vector layer, you can set up more display options by right-clicking the layer and select the “properties…” button.Let us know if this solves your problem!Thank youSzu-Ting Lee

It appears that your model has no output. After you build the model and run EFDC+, please click the “Refresh” button or re-open the model to see the Velocity parameters.