.HYD as ASCII not binary for WASP7 linkage?

I am testing out EFDC-Explorer for my research and am trying to view the contents of a hydrodynamic linkage file that I (unfortunately, from what I hear) need to link to WASP7. The usual switch present in the standard EFDC control file (efdc.wsp) that flips from binary to ASCII does not seem to do anything in EFDC-Explorer. Is it possible to specify somewhere that the .HYD file should be written as an ASCII file, or to extract the data after execution? Thanks!

which version of EE are you using? There is a lot of information, including example models, on linking EE7.1 and WASP7 here: https://www.eemodelingsystem.com/user-center/help WASP7 EFDC Linkage

Thanks very much for the response. I am working with EE7.1. I think I have read all the documentation on linking it to WASP, and I have successfully linked the two using the (excellent) examples provided. My frustration is that it seems like the only option EE provides is to output the hydrodynamic linkage file (*.HYD) as a binary file. In order to view the contents of the file, I would like EE to write it as an ASCII file rather than a binary file (i.e., so that I could open it in a text editor afterwards to view). I am wondering if this is possible. I know that WASP7 is (at least in theory) built to read either ASCII or binary .HYD files, and that the .WSP file format that EFDC (not specifically EE7.1) uses allows either option to be selected by specifying IQOPT=3 (ASCII) or IQOPT=4 (binary). Does EE not provide this feature? Thanks!

Sorry, we don’t know the content of this file either. It is from a DLL supplied by the EPA. You may be able to get some information on it from Tim Wool at EPA if you request it.

That’s interesting! Okay, thank you.

Hi Amy,Have you been able to create hyd file as ASCII file with EFDC? I’d like to do the same thing and be able to read .hyd file and edit it. Any help much be appreciated.Nasim