How to use vege.inp

I noted that M typ# in vege.inp need to match with the number of polygon file.But I found it did not the same in some sample application,as Lake Washionton.The numbers existed in vege,inp do not show in dxdy.inp.
So I want to konw how to use vege.inp file correctly when I run the model by code,not the EEMS.Anybody can help me? Thanks!

Hi 1275462698

  1. I do not know which EEMS version did you use, but EEMS10.3.3 still displays the numbers existed in vege,inp do not show in dxdy.inp. see two images attached

  2. when you run the model by code need to match Type# in vege.inp file with VEG-TYPE column in dxdy.inp file

I run the efdc model by these files shown in the picture,not by the EEMS.
I have match the class number In the vege.inp and dxdy.inp,and compared the difference the model result whether vege.inp contained.I found that the existence of vegetation only influence a little difference on velocity,and showed no difference on water level.So I wonder konw if I set the file wrong.
I will check it later,thank you again.

I found vegser.inp could adjust the parameters of vege.inp,but i did not found that in the manules.Could you send me that ?