How to use the EFDC code

I configured the. Inp file With EFDC_Explorer8.3 of EFDC model,if it is calculated by using the source code, which parameters need to be modified? Thank you!

Do you mean the original EFDC EPA source code available on our website, or the source code for EFDC+ from EE8.3? If the former, then the changes are very significant and may not be possible, depending on the kind of model you have configured. If you mean the latter, then no changes should be needed.

In fact, I said the first case, but I can not find the relevant calculation case can refer to, not sure what parameters need to be modified. I was new user of EFDC and I do not know much about the model yet. Hope to get your help. Thank you!

This is a very big topic and can take considerable to time to get familiar with the EFDC source code. I would recommend you examine the source code in light of the EFDC+ Theory Guide available here: