How to use file named 'qctl.inp' in EFDC for a river?

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Now I am doing some numerical simulation to a river, at the end of which flow implemention between pairs of cells is controlled by rating curves . There is a hydrologic station downstream the river.
I will give flow rate at the entrace of the river as a boundary condition, and use ‘qctl.inp’ to give the boundary conditions at the end of the river.
Does anybody use the file ‘qctl.inp’?? How could I make settings in those files if I want to use ‘qctl.inp’’?
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qctl.inp specifies data to implement flow between pairs of cells controlled by hydraulic structures or rating curves. You can read about the structure in the EFDC User Manual US EPA Version 1.01 section 5.13. It is document 2.4 in the EFDC Model Documents section of this website.

hi, EE_Development_Team:
Now I want to set a gate in the middle of a river and water will flow from A to B through the opening of the gate. I am now asking for your help about how to make relative setting files in EFDC so as to make water surface elevation of A to stay in a specific value that we can make it to be mannually.
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