How to simulated the oxygen in the bottom of water column

The oxygen dynamic in the bottom of water column, my study area is mainly influenced by the decay process occurring in the bottom. so I employed the water quality model coupled the sediment diagenesis model to simulated the oxygen, however, I found that the oxygen concentration in the bottom of water column in my model have no change after I tuned much the related parameters, i want to know why, in particular, only the cohesive sediment was simulated in my model. Thank you. I hope someone who interested in this part can contacted with me, My skype ID is cxf19850210c, thank you.

Sediment diagenesis is not coupled with organic and inorganic sediment transport in EFDC.

For WQ the main issue is that you have valid/representative initial conditions for organic phosphorous, carbon and nitrogen. If they are zero then you won’t have sediment diagenesis occurring. You should check all your parameters and try using the default coefficients for most of them.