How to set KMP offset

Hi everyone:I use EFDC_Explorer8.4. I am trying to use the OMP to run 3 models on the same PC with 6 cores/12 threads. I am wondering how to set the OMP thread numbers and KMP offsets the maximize the efficiency. I have tried following:model 1: 2 threads, offset=0model 2: 2 threads, offset=2model 3: 2 threads, offset=4I initialized model 1 - 3 subsequently, and I found after starting all 3 models, the run for model 1 became extremely slow, whereas model 2 and 3 were fine. Why is this and how can I assign 2 cores to each run to increase the speed?

For the machine you describe we suggest:model 1: 4 threads, offset=0model 2: 4 threads, offset=4model 3: 4 threads, offset=8

Thanks for the response! The manual book says the offset should be the number of cores that have been occupied, which, in my case, should always be <5, right (max. 6 cores)? Thanks,Hengchen