How to open and run in CVL Grid from the information or map or data obtained from ArcGIS Pro?

Since, I already have CVL grid software but it is unable to open and run the map or information obtained from ArcGIS in the .png (3D print) or .pdf format. In my computer .jpeg is not working even if I saved my file as .jpeg it again opens in 3D print. I don’t have image and .jpeg format as default and don’t see any option to open with that format. Do I really need .jpeg to run it in CVL Grid or is there any alternative way?
Does anyone have idea how to run any map or data in CVL Grid? In which format do we need to save our file before opening from CVL Grid?

You cannot simply use an image as the map as it does not have any coordinates. There is guidance in how to create the background map here:

and a video here:

Try that and let us know if you have issues.