How to make xyz files

Hi EFDC team and users,When I want to set innitial congditions such as dephs or water surface elevation, I need to input poly file and xyz file. I only know that xyz file includes data of coordinates and elevation, but I do not know how to make xyz files. I want to learn how to extract data from CAD files, or maybe through ArcGIS.I have a CAD file but it seems have no coordinate and elevation data or maybe I do not see them. I am looking forward to your help.Ssr

Hi there, I think in your case it is impossible to make a xyz data file. However, for your model initial condition setup you can use the polygon of the interested region and then assign as a reasonable constant water depth. This way will make your model running and your model will adjust to a better hydrodynamic state depending on actual geography. Hence, on the 2D planview, drag your model results to a last timestep and save to a new model. This new model can be used as your initial model. Hope this helps.