How to input long series of data based on limited measured water quality data?

Hello everyone! Q1:Now I have about ten data (measured about every 30 days), how to input the model as a year of water quality data. Q2:The inputs in the other two examples are shown in the figure (the EXCEL table below does not look like a full year of measured data). How is this data obtained? Q3:There are 2 days in my inflow data that are particularly large (10 times). Can I input (picture 1) like this? (The expected flood peek does not appear in the results).

I have a question below: What is the convention for us to input the Julian Date for monthly data? For example, if the value in January is 5.1, the value in February is 9.5, and the Base date is 01/01, Duration of reference period is 24hrs. Which one below should I input to the EE?(Method 1)0 5.131 9.5(Method 2)1 5.132 9.5(Method 3)15 5.146 9.5I know EE will help us interpolate data, so we don’t make monthly data like below. But what format should we input?0 5.11 5.1 2 5.1…31 5.132 9.533 9.5…59 9.9

Above I said is about “concentration”, because the value ois all the same through one month. Then, if I have monthly mass loading value (e.g., How to input nutrient loadings instead of concentrations? – EE Modeling System), I think this is another situation, because if the monthly loading in January is 31 metric ton, it means that daily loading is 1 mt, not “31”. So what fomat should I use, if I have 31 ton of loadings in January, 56 ton of loadings in February? because the actual “daily” value should be below:0 11 1 2 1 …31 132 233 2 …59 2If I don’t want to input the “daily format”, which needs additional processing, what “monthly format” is proper for mass loading?

Please don’t forget this question when you have time. Thanks!

hi @In Art. I think the measured data is really important.Input data may be more influential than parameters.Regarding the question you said, I think “input the daily format” may not be accurate.I haven’t thought of any better way for the time being.But I think it can be considered according to the actual situation.For example, if the sediment releases 30 kg of a substance within one month, can it be adjusted to 1 1 1…1 1 1 1 according to the change of water temperature to 0.9 0.9 … 1.2 1.3 1.2… 0.9 0.9. This situation is really difficult to solve, please let me know if you have any ideas, thank you.