How to implement real time prediction with EFDC?

Hi, Dear all, I see the case “Development of a Real-time Thermal Hydrodynamic Model Using EFDC as Decision Support Tool for Compliance and Operations” in the EE modelling website, and I also want to implement such a system. After I have read the article, I am still confused with some details. For example, I want to make prediction of the river flow in the next 7 days according to current weather data, and to update the result hourly with the new weather data. I know the EFDC with produce the file restart.out, should I change the restart.out every hour or should I change the efdc.inp file hourly ? Besides, in the open source EFDC+8.5 guide ( Welcome to the EFDC+ V8.5 Computer Implementation Guide! — EFDC+ Documentation), it says that there should be some restart related files such as restart.inp, wqwcrst.inp and so on, I look up in my work directory but can’t find such files. So I really want to know what should I do if I want to deploy a online predicting system with EFDC, could you help me ? Thank you very much. Mingkai Zhang

You will need to use both the updated input file with the new ASER data, as well as the restart file from the previous run. You should write a script so that after EFDC writes the restart.out in the output# sub-folder it is copied and renamed to restart.inp in the model folder for the next run. Two reasons you may not be seeing the WQ restart files are that you have not turned on that option or that interval for writing the restart file is too large for it to be seen for the period for which you have run the model. See this page on how to configure the writing of the restart files for older versions of EE: