How to extract the simulation results quickly?

Hi, I want to know whether there is a method to extract the simulation results of more than one grid and time steps. I know the “getefdc” tool and extration function in the viewplan usually were used to extract the simulation results, but i think these two tools are inconvenience for extracting many grids over a long time quickly, thank you.

Hi cxf19850210, You can use getefdc tool to extract the results for multiple grid cells for multiple time period at once. Maybe you haven’t played around with all the options yet. I tried the latest getefdc tool to extract the results at two grids cells and all the output such as temperature, salinity, velocity etc. including profiles are accurately extracted. I would suggest you to visit and go to utilities and download “EFDC Extraction Utility (FORTRAN)”. The source code for the grid extraction tool is provided which can be modified to compute / extract other parameters / variables according to your needs. I hope this helps. Best, Janesh Devkota