How to extract dye result of whole domain and period using GetEFDC?

Dear all, I have met two problems:(1) I would like to extract dye result of the whole domain during the whole period. I searched the “GetEFDC_User_Guide(R170912).pdf”, but it seems no information about dye.(2) In addition, when I run the GetEFDC, “severe (408)” error occur (see Figure).

I’m using EE8.4. The content in getefdc.inp shows below. ** THE FULL PATH OF INP FILES is determined by the file efdc.inp:D:\some_path\efdc.inp** LAYK JULTIME NLOC ROTA INDEX VPROF TECPLOT ZOPT NDRIFTER 0 0 3 1 1 0 0 1 0** I/X J/Y ZINT(m)3 3 04 3 027 170 0

Now I use the unchanged Getefdc.exe, and it extracted results successfully. However, I have a question: in “DYE_TSK_0_DOM.DAT”, why the same Time are listed twice:For example, there is a line : ** ((DYEA(L),L=2,LA) [MG/L],TIME= 0.00000After the data, there is another line: ** ((DYEA(L),L=2,LA) [MG/L],TIME= 0.00000Why “TIME” is repeated twice?