How to export heatflux components in EE?

Hi, EE support team

Could the heatflux components (e.g. solar radiation if it is calculated internally, longwave radiation, sensible heat and latent heat) be exported from EE? Or could they be extracted from the EE outputs?

BTW, where is the “solar shading factor” in EE? Or may i just change the measured solar radiation directly by multiplying a suitable coefficient?

Any help will be appreciated.

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Hi Bin,

Currently, you cannot extract the heatflux components directly from the EE user interface. However, any spatial array in EFDC can visualized. This can be done by turning EE Arrays and then writing out those values in EE_ARRAYS.OUT from the fortran code. This requires familiarity with the source code to know which arrays should be written out. A description of how to write EE_ARRAYS.OUT can found in the EE user manual. I would suggest you to look at CALHEAT.FOR.

Solar shading factor is the multiplier to the solar radiation provided by the user. Yes, you can directly modify the solar radiation with a suitable coefficient.

Hope it helps.

Janesh Devkota