How to calibrate EFDC's Hydrodynamic Mod when water level is like Fig1's pattern

Like Fig.1, the model underestimates water level in February, while it overestimates water level at the end of the year. I have checked the flow boundaries and they are all right (this model’s boundary conditions are all flow, no water level condition). Is my model’s inaccuracy of water level because of the impertinent parameter values? I find this information about which parameters needed calibrating (parameter calibrition of hydrodynamics model – EE Modeling System). However, I do not quite know how to change these parameters? Could someone explain a bit for me?

Or maybe its because I didn’t model wind wave, that is, the difference between observed and simulated water level is “wave height”? But I think this assumption is wrong: Because I read Section 3.6.5 in Ji’s book <HYDRODYNAMICS AND WATER QUALITY MODELING RIVERS, LAKES, AND ESTUARIES>, he separated the “hydrodynamic modeling” and “wind wave modeling”, which means that water level (calculated in “hydrodynamic modeling”) has nothing to do with “wind wave modeling”. That is to say, the measured water level do not contain “wave height”. Is my understanding right?

You should also consider other inputs to the overall mass balance of your model. What about precipitation and evaporation, for instance?Or perhaps there are other inflows in between your model boundaries that you haven’t accounted for? What about withdrawals for irrigated agriculture, or consumptive use?I’m not saying your theory is without merit, but you should conduct or more detailed analysis of your models mass balance components first to confirm closure.

Could you tell me the operation about how to check the water volumes of rainfall and evaporation, which is used in calculation in EE? Because I know how to see the loading results about flow boundaries (View Loadings in the Domain Tab), but I don’t know how to see the volume of rain and evaporation.