How to analyze harmonic constituents of tide and tidal current for the whole grid

Hello?I am an engineer using the EE 8.2There are two questions.The first questions.I have to plot the cotidal chart of the whole area from the modeling results.To do that, I need harmonic analyzed data of tide and tidal current for the whole grid.Is there a way to find the harmonic constant of the whole grid from the modeling results?In that case, I know that other models(Delft 3D, ADCIRC) have post-processing programs or subroutines.Card 82 is only available for some grids.The second questionsI would like to plot the residual current diagram for the whole area as above.What is the best way to do that?

Hi Hibako,

For your first question, the approach is to:
- Define a set of tidal constituents.
- Extract time series for each grid cell.
- Conduct harmonic analysis for tidal constituents for each grid cell time series.
- Plot cotidal chart for each tidal constituent.
The current version of EE does not support this (it may in future versions). Delft3D has the utility TRIANA for harmonic analysis for time-series at stations, not for all grid cells.

Regarding the second question, this can be done in EE:
- Open View 2D Plan.
- Select Velocities in Viewing Options.
- Move the timing scroll bar to the end.
- Press CTRL+R and setup options for computing the residual flow current field.

Thank you for your answer.
Especially, the method for residual flow current output was really helpful.
But I do not know how to output the result of residual flow current to ASCII file format.
The "export dat" button is only output the velocity, not the residual flow results.
And do you plan to add tidal harmonic analysis function for the all cells in the future?

We suggest you use the Model Results Extraction tool in ViewPlan which is described at the end of this link:┬▒+ViewPlan It is too early to say when the a feature to do harmonic analysis for time-series but we will discuss it as an option for upcoming modifications to EE.

Finally, there are additional questions.
In the past, I used a dump file(SELDMPF.asc, UUUDMPF.asc, VVVDMPF.asc) to do a harmonic analysis of the all cells.
Does the dump file output switch on card 70 of the "efdc.inp" file not work?
I tried "1" or "3" for "isdump", but the dump file is not created.

This dump file option was removed from EFDC+ with release of EE8.0. This is because EFDC+ now exports binary files directly in netCDF format so we felt this option to be redundant.