How can we simulate sediment resuspension

If I want to simulate resuspension of sediment (e.g., Total Suspended Solids), should I open “Waves” module? Or I only need to open ‘Cohesive or Non-cohesive sediment’ module?

You do not need to open the wave model to simulate the resuspension of sediment. However, if you turn on the wave models which are internal wave model using data directly from Wind and external wave model by Swan, that might give you a better results since the total bottom shear stress is now causing by both current and wave impacts.

Thanks so much, Kun. Does that mean if we do not open the wave model, then the total bottom shear stress is from current (not add the wave impacts)? By the way, do I have to open the “Cohesive or Non-cohesive sediment” Module?

The answer for a first question is Yes. Turning on the Cohesive or Non-Cohesive modules are dependent on your actual conditions of sediment bed. I think it is normally consisted of both class of sediments.