How can i do harmonic analysis all for grid my model?

Hi i’m a student in korea.

i want to express cotidal chart about my model.

My model consists of 85755 single grid. If i express cotidal chart as my model, i think i have to harmonic analysis all for 85755 grid. so ㅑ attempt to extract tp file, but The data were inaccurate.

ㅑ need to your help. thank you


Thank you for posting a question. What type of boundary conditions are you using in your model. What do you mean when you said " I tried to extract tp file" ? Does “tp” refer to as tecplot file ? Would you please elaborate your issue ? What data you extracted and how you know the data were inaccurate ? I need to be clear about what you are doing and what you are after.

Typically, in order to extract the harmonic constituents, you would extract the time series at different locations. Doing harmonic analysis at all the cells in your model is not ideal way. Though there will be slight difference in the constituents of tide at each location, you might want to choose some representative areas where you want to do harmonic analysis. If you want to create cotidal chart, probably pick 10 to 15 locations and then extract the harmonic consituents and then plot the cotidal chart. There are several types of cotidal chart, can you explain what type of cotidal chart are you interested in ?


Janesh Devkota

i’ve question of LPT.

How can it be the drifting ashore particles When the particle arrives at the coastline?

my model grid 2500m so i think It did not accurately reflect the depth to the coast. so in my model, The particles are repelled from the shoreline comes out grid.

i want to arrive particles in my model. can you help me?

thanks you