Generating 1D curvilinear grid for a branched river network


I am new to EFDC and I have been trying to set up the grid which is for a 1D channel network. EFDC explorer offers curvilinear grid generation for riverine application requiring 3 grid definition files. However, I do not understand if it can generate a complete network grid using files for channel network, channel network boundary, and channel network transects, each. I am assuming this is not a very practical way if the network is really large and complicated? If so, when is the riverine grid generator tool of EFDC Explorer more applicable?

What is the recommended approach? Should CVL grid be used for such a grid?

What is the recommended approach? Should CVL grid be used for such a grid?
Hi szmansoo, You can generate fairly complex grid using the curvilinear grid option built in EE (EFDC Explorer). However, the software CVLgrid is very advanced grid generator tool which allows the user to generate different types of grids from simple rectangular to highly complex grids for such as Amazon River. I would recommend you to use CVLgrid because it can directly create all the files required by EFDC model and allows user to directly load a shapefile or georeferenced image and create the grids. CVLgrid also allows user to load the existing EFDC model and make changes to the grid without having the need to recreate the boundary conditions, initial conditions and several other inputs as it conserves I, j and L information for the grid cells. While there are other tools for grid generation, CVLgrid is a tool designed for EFDC users which has a better user interface, easier to work around with all kinds of complex grids. There are several grid examples which are created using CVLgrid in our website. Go to and then click examples and download examples to view different grids. Best, Janesh Devkota