Fixed or Variable Bed Temperature, Can I set in EFDC.INP file?

I’m confused as to how the variable vs. fixed bed temperature option is set. In the EFDC.INP file I can set set the initial bed temperature and set it to <0 to make the bed temp variable in time. In EE I can set it to be fixed or variable too within the temperature tab. Which information is used when the EFDC+ is run? In every case it seems that EE indicates one choice and the EFDC.INP file indicates something else. I am running EFDC+ on both PCs and Macs. How do I set fixed vs. variable when running on my mac when I can’t run EE? How do I reliably copy run information from one machine (say a PC), to another (a Mac) and be sure the same settings are used? Thanks in advance for the information.JB

OK I think I’ve figured it out. It seems that setting Tbed in the EFDC.INP file to a number less than zero makes it a fixed value, and >0 makes it time variable. The comment in the EFDC.INP file indicates the opposite, but I’ve tried both cases and it seems that EE and EE+ both work that same way.

Thank you for noting the confusion regarding the parameter settings in EFDC.inp.