Extracting point data

When extracting point data using the ‘Extraction Tool’ in EFDC is there a way to control the number of digits it writes to the text file. Alternatively would it be possible to write in scientific notation rather than decimal. For my application it is only writing 3 digits after the decimal place, and so because my results require 5 or 6 digits, I end up with 0 values when I extract point values.

Did you try the Setting on the top of the toolbar? It should allow you set the number of digits you want.

Thanks for the response,
I just spent a little time troubleshooting this, and changing the ‘Default Precision for Write Operations’ in Settings at the top of the toolbar. This does not seem to affect the number of digits written when using the ‘Extract X,Y’ tool. It does however affect the number of digits when writing EFDC files such as lxly.inp, and dxdy.inp.

Sorry, but EE7.1 cannot currently do this. It is a change we can put on the list for inclusion in the upcoming release of EE7.2