Export LPT track lines

I am using EFDC+ 11.5, and I wanted to export the LPT track lines to create figures in ArcGIS Pro. But I can only export the particles in one time step now. Can you help me with how to export the particle track line?


Hi mehrzadshahidzade98
There are several ways to display the LPT track line on Arcgis:
1- RMC into LPT layer then extract all Tracks and then import into Arcgis

2- If you only want to extract 1 LPT, you can right mouse click on that particle and extract the track line and then import it into Arcgis

3- Can use Export to NetCDF function of EE and then import into Arcgis, details see loom below


thank you for your response,
The first 2 methods only export the drifters’ current positions, not all the time steps. I need to create a figure, so I need the position of each particle in all the time steps.
And about the animation, Is there a way to look into all the time steps as a figure instead of an animation?

Hi mehrzadshahidzade98

There are two options when RMC to Particles layer, if you choose Export to only the current time is selected, if you choose **Export All Driffers to…**then all particles and times are exported to *.TXT file

As I used the function Export All Driffers to… to extract all particles by time, first column is time, then x, y, z (depth) of each particle

Hi @minhhoa0386
Thanks so much for the information provided.
When I try to use “Export all drifters to” the result is like this.
Any guess why it is happening?

Hi Hi mehrzadshahidzade98
Because you have release too many particles, all of them are on the same header row, try using Notepad++ to open the file, or upload it directly on Mapinfo or Arcgis.

Dear @minhhoa0386
There are only 150 particles. Also, I tried both the notepad ++ and the Arcgis pro, and the result is only one row of header with nothing else like the following figures.


Hi mehrzadshahidzade98
which EE version are you using? I used version 11.5.2, could you please try with this version, If it still give emprty result please send me your model, I will try to extract, here is my email: bmhoa@dsi.llc.