Evaporation calibration

I have measured monthly evaporation at a reservoir. I’d like to include that in the model calibration. In the Model Calibration: Time Series Calibration Station Information, I can select “Boundary Conditions, Evaporation” but the Parm for that data set doesn’t change nor is it listed as calibration parameter (https://eemodelingsystem.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/EK/pages/240255472/Calibration+Time+Series) using EE 12.0.0 Release 230926. Is there another way to use the interface to calibrate evaporation or does it need to be exported and calibrated?

Unfortunately, that option is not functional in the current release version of EEMS 12.0. However, we will include an update in the upcoming EEMS 12.1 that will allow evaporation to be used for calibration. That update should be available in the next few weeks.