ERRORS reminder importing RGFGrid file

I have one question about the first step of the model establishment, grid generation through importing the Deflt RGFGrid file.I have an existing project from previous researcher about the water quality research in Perdido and Wolf Bay system in Alabama. Since the original grid does not perfectly fit the shoreline, I tried to use the Delft3D to add grid cells to refine it, as the following plots. When I tried to import the generated .grd file, the system reminded me that “Error Importing Nodes! Overflow” like the plot. At first, this issue may be caused by too many cells in the new file. However, it prompted the same warning even I only added one cell to the original file. So I guess the problem may be caused by the .gdp file.My EE is EE 7.3 and Delft3D is the latest version, 4.03.01. How can I solve this problem? Thanks for the help,

Hi there,Please try to do the following steps;1. Using the EE7.3 to open your previous model.2. Export Model Grid for Delft RGFGrid3. Import to Delft RGFGrid to make a modification, then export to .grd file.4. Using the EE7.3 to import your new grid file again.Hope this helps.Cheers