Error when setting pressure save

Error when setting pressure save

Please provide more detail on the specific steps you took which led to this, and we can try to help.If you can provide the input files for your model as well, that can help us recreate the problem and try to develop a solution.

this is the input pressure data process,but when saved it comes error.

this is the setting result

Hi Dong Wang,Seems like you want to set atmospheric pressure from different data station but those data remain constant over time.First of all, you input those atmospheric pressure data in the “Data Path” column. The “Data Path” column is for users to assign file paths of their observed time-series data (.dat) not for fixed values.Here’s a solution I would recommend.Instead of using the field file, you can create multiple “Atmospheric” time series (aser, under “External Forcing Data” tab), there you can assign your atmospheric pressure (and other related data) for each station.The location for each atmospheric time series can be set under the “parameter” tab.As long as you have more than 2 (greater or equal to) atmospheric time series, EE uses inverse distance weighting for this kind of multiple stations interpolation (wind, atm pressure… etc.)You can also change the inverse distance weighting power if you want. Right-click on the “Temperature” under the “Modules” tab, select “settings” then go to the “Boundary Conditions” tab, there you will find the “Series Weighting” button and apply further changes you want.Please refer to this EEMS Knowledge Base page for more details.

OK,thank you very much,I will have a try!

sorry teacher,when I setted the atmospheric time series data,I find that the presfld.inp and the windfld.inp data is still zero.could you tell me the reason?

So seems like you are modeling a storm surge event,and I guess you have some sort of time series wind field data and path for an interested hurricane/typhoon/cyclone…Then, yes you should be using the field file feature EE10 provide.As for the problem you’ve encountered, here’s a couple of steps that I would want you to make sure before we go any further.First, it is always a good practice to save your model first before you try to examine some of the changes you made.Second, check your input data coordinates to make sure they are all inside/nearby the model domain.Third, check the *.dat file you put in the “data path” column. The format of all *.dat file used in EE are uniform,basically, you need to have a header row first with the length of your time series, and a name for your time series,after that, it will be the time-series data. (first column is time, second column is the value, pressure in your case).For more detail data format of *.dat file in EE please refer to this page, (Data Format B-7 Time series observation data file structure)If all above were checked, and it is still showing as zero in ASCII/Binary field file,then let us know the version of EE you are using and if possible upload the model folder you’re working on for us to do some tests.Cheers.

sorry,when I do as you said,but it is still showing as zero in ASCII/Binary field verdion is 10.1 191112.

Hi Dong Wang, the project you sent doesn’t have data so we can’t use it correctly. The image you provided above indicates you have incorrectly configured EE as the data path is not set to the data files. You can see this example for more details on how to configure the model:

We would also recommend you update to the latest version of EEMS as there were some bugs with this feature in the earliest release of EE10.1. We are now are release 10.1.3

Here is the pressure field and wind speed field.

Here is the pressure field and wind speed field