Error message regarding unallocated variable

I am having a problem getting my model running in EFDCPlus_082_MP_170303D.exe and I wonder if anyone else has run into it and perhaps found a cause and/or solution. In module caluvw.f90 (line 978) I get message “Attempt to fetch from allocatable variable CFLUUU when it is not allocated”. Based on EPA EFDC code, CFLUUU is used in Courant number calculations and should have been allocated with dimensions (LCM,KCM).

I am modeling a reservoir with varying water elevation using a curvilinear grid with Sigma-Zed layering (max 28, min 1).
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We cannot be sure about the cause of this issue without looking at the model. However, looking at the code indicates there could be a problem such as you describe when EFDC is writing debug information or writing ARRAYS.OUT. Please try ensuring the variables in these cards in the EFDC.INP file are set as:

C12A: ISINWV = 0

If this doesn't help, please send us the model, or attach a zip file of the model to this thread and we will have a look at it.