Error loading series problem in EE 7.2

When I try to add a water quality series, EE encounter a error during the forth parameters. I tried many times and used the same format of data, but it still failed. I wonder how could I solve the problem.

Hi hanabi12138
Currently, we have developed to and version 12.0.1 has been uploaded to the website: Downloads – EFDC+ Explorer Modeling System (

About your model I tried a few cases and didn’t get this error, you can try saving/pasting the data series into the Notepad application and then saving/pasting it into water quality series form, or you can try assigning it with a click to the Import Data button then select the appropriate format to assign the data series to.

If you still encounter this error, please send your model and data series file to and we will take a closer look.


Hi @hanabi12138 ,

Welcome to contact our local technical support 陈立斌博士 DSI, LLC 电话(微信): 15827480267 and join the “EEMS官方微信群”. We also have a EEMS training in 天津大學 5/17/2024-5/18/2024 this coming Friday and Saturday.

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