Error in saving a model

Hi I was learning the EFDC 10.1 examples. One of them is “Build a 2D Lake Model (Level 1 Step-by-Step Guidance)”. when I generated uniform grid as the guidance shows, something wrong happened. I should have saved the model, but the save button turned grey. I am so confused that sometimes it works (like in “Build a 1D River Model (Level 1 Step-by-Step Guidance)” ), sometimes it doesn’t work ( like I mentioned before). I also tried randomly to generate new grid. Unlucky, I still didn’t find out the regulation of it. I highly appreciate your help. Thanks!

Are you using the demo version of EEMS or the licensed version? Demo version has limitations on the ability to save models. You cannot create a new grid of more than 300 cells.

oh…… thank you. It is about the version.