Error in cell.inp

Hi, I am a graduate student and trying to run EPA EFDC. As a graduate student, I could not afford the EFDC Explorer version. I have generated the basic files required for the hydrodynamic run of a test scenario. Whenever I try to run it is showing error reading lxly.inp. I could not attach the celllt.inp file here because only four files can be attached here. However, celllt.inp file is the same as the cell.inp only the name is different. My cell coordinates are from UTM zone 16. Can you please tell me what is causing the problem and how to fix the lxly.inp file. Any kinds of helps are highly appreciated.

Hi, Could not attach the files but you can find the files in the following google drive link : test model on 12_2_2019 - Google Drive will be highly thankful if you can give me some idea about what is causing the problem in the lxly file. Thanks