Error entering variable concentrations in water quality

Hello,I have a question about the entry of data by zone in the part of initial conditions for water quality, and entered several times the p2d file with the coordinates and concentrations of the corresponding parameter and I get a message that says: invalid value try again. The process that I followed was: click on initial conditions, select Spatially Varying IC’s (WQWCRST.INP), then click on Varying IC’s and I get the message that appears in the image.Can someone please help me? Thank you!!!

Hi Claudia, sorry, that was a bug. It has been fixed in version EEMS8.4.4 that is now available for download from this website.

Hello!!!Again I write because I have not yet managed to enter variable initial conditions in the water quality section, I did what they suggested (download version 8.4) and I also get an error, just like in the previous version.Thanks for your help.

Sorry, I thought it had been fixed in the last release, but in fact was only found after the release. We will fix this soon and let you know when it is available.

Okay, thank you very much for your attention.I look forward to any information.

We have posted an update. You should make sure you are running EE8.4.4 and then replace the exe with this new one, 8.4.5. Please let us know if it doesn’t address the issue:Patches and Updates – EE Modeling System

Hello!!!Download the last executable (EFDC_Explorer8.4.5) and still present the same error, but now another message comes out (see image) and then closes the EE interface.Thank you.

Thank you!!!The problem is solved, the files are already loaded.