Error during read of EE_WS file

I would like to export the model results of one observation point. But I came across this error: Error during read of EE_WS file! Aborting. May I know why the code cannot read my model results?

Some possible causes of this error are that EE_WS.OUT file is missing due to some issue when copying the files, or that the model input files have changed since the model was last run.

Thanks very much for the reply. Then, how can I fix the error? I prefer not to rerun the model since it takes several weeks and I have several models with the same error.

My EE_WS.OUT file is still there. And I have never changed the input files since I haven’t rerun the model.

Hi Shuxin Luo,Could you provide more information about the version of EFDC_Explorer you are using?Can you provide more detailed steps so that others might reproduce this error?Thank you,Tom

Thanks for your reply. The version I am using is EE 7.2 150821. I wanted to export the time-varying water depth and salinity data of one observational point. The steps are as follows:1. open EE 7.2.2. open my EFDC project in EE.3. In the Model Analysis panel, click Define/Edit4. set the parameters for comparison and click ok5. click Plots and check the two options6. the error showed upThanks for any clues for this error.

Thanks for letting us know that installing on another machine resolved your issues. There must have been some problem with that machine or the installation was incomplete.