EFDC Saving Partial Grid : Please Help

Hello All, I created a grid (468 cells) in RGFGrid and brought it in EFDC Explorer. It generated 468 cells. But when I save the project and again bring the grid up through EE, it shows 124 cells. Do you have any idea why this is happening? Thanks, Rumana

HI Rumana,
I don’t know exactly what problem you might have. I have seen your attachment also. It seems little weird. One of the possibility is that all of the grid cells in the RGFGrid are not connected properly. If you want you can attach your grid file from delft3d grid and then I can see what went wrong and if everything is correct I can create the grid for you and reply here.

Let me know.


Hello John, I can’t thank you enough for your response. I tried to attach the RGFGrid file (.grd format), but it says: ‘file format not allowed’. So I attached the .txt file format of the .grd file. My email is: rarifin@nd.edu, if you can send me a test email, I can give you the grid file (.grd format) in email. Also my RGFGrid is set up in Linux, I had problem initially bringing the .grd file in EE. So I had to do a Unix2Dos conversion on the grid file. Thanks, Rumana