EFDC parameters

I want to calibrate my parameters in the EFDC simulation.However, because EFDC_Explorer cannot be connected to Matlab, I cannot use the code of the optimization algorithm to find the best parameter solution.So I can only find the best parameter solution from the known parameter range.I want to know if these parameters have range values. And can you provide these range values?Parameters like: Background horizontal eddy viscosity, Dimensionless horizontal momentum diffusivity, Bottom roughness, Wind Sheltering, Clear water light extinction coefficient, Minimum fraction of solar radiation absorbed in the top layer, Heat transfer coefficient between bed/water column, Initial bed temperature, Maximum growth Rate for Greens, Basal Metabolism Rate for Greens, Predation Rate on GreensI am looking forward to your answer. Thank you very much!

If you search in the forum, you will find a similar question that had already answered. https://www.eemodelingsystem.com/user-center/forums/reply/parameter-calibrition-of-hydrodynamics-model-74-97Regards,