EFDC Model Runtime

How long it last when the grid is 3000*10 runing in EFDC?
I just modeling hydrodynamic,is shows almost 100hr estimated time to completion
it is time consuming!!!

Hello binlichen,

The time step you choose determines the time of completion in EFDC model. Another thing you would notice is estimated time of completion will decrease after few seconds. The code will determine the time based on your computer speed (processor). If you run the same code on the computer which has fast processor, the estimated time to complete will decrease.

So, it is very important to judge how many grid cells do you need. You can only make the areas where you are interested to be finer and then other areas may be little coarser to save the computational time. Using 10 layers will definitely take longer time in simulation. Unless your study area is very stratified you can decrease number of layers and make a sample run to see by how much you are off.

Another thing you could do is try to use the dynamic time step. Dynamic time step would speed up your model run.

So, I recommend to check your grid and time step and use dynamic time step if you want to improve simulation time. Dynamic solutions international even provide the multi threading capable code which will speed up to 4 times depending on the number of processors you have in your computer. You may check that too.

Good luck.


I have another question,that is how to set safety factor? 0-1, what is the difference of the lower number and the larger number?