EFDC Explorer memory error

Dear All,

I am using full version EE7 on a reasonably high-spec Windows machine, (16gb ram, I7 processor) and am finding that EFDC will not the results files for larger models.

In this instance the model has around 500,000 cells, and the output files (EE_VEL.OUT AND EE_WS.OUT) are around 1-2gb each.

Every time I try to load the model I receive an error - “run-time error ‘7’: out of memory”

I’m sure there are people using models with considerably more cells than this, has anybody encountered this issue before?

The “out of memory” error also sometimes occurs when generating a new model, in my case when importing a grid of 500,000 cells or more from DELFT RGFGRID.

Many thanks for any suggestions/thoughts

I am not sure what the problem is. But I have run EFDC model with output files larger than 25 GB and it was working fine in my computer. Could you post your RGFGRID so that I can see whether that would load into the latest EFDC or not ? You can check your memory usage while loading the files. RGFGrid of Delft3d also crashes with “memory out error” when your physical memory is high. So, you can try to close background problems and load the grid file.