EFDC+ 8.5 now available on Github!

Dear users of EFDC+, EFDC_Explorer, and EFDC,DSI is excited to announce the public open-source release of EFDC+ v8.5 on Github: GitHub - dsi-llc/EFDCPlus We will be posting more information about this soon, but feel free to head over to Github and get the latest executable and source code!Stay tuned!

I am wanting to test a new Mac Mini M1 for execution speed using the EFDC+ version on Github. I need to compile the code using an M1 specific compiler, which I’ve downloaded a trial version from NAG. Is there a makefile for EFDC+ available to help w/ the compiling and linking? I see the VS solution file but I don’t know how to translate that into a makefile. Thanks for the info.Jim Bowen

We don’t have a makefile for that particular release, but we do have one for version 8.4. If you send an email to us at support@eemodelingsystem.com we can provide that you.

Thanks I got the makefile and did some testing w/ both the Intel Fortran compiler and the NAG compiler that I was trying out. FYI, the code makes heavy use of the IFPORT module, which doesn’t have a NAG equivalent, so there’d be lots of work to get the open source version of EFDC+ going w/ the NAG compiler. I’ve decided for now to stick w/ Intel Fortran only. Thanks for your help w/ this. JB

For my current work I will need to provide files that can be run w/ the open source version of EFDC+. I’m using EE and EFDC+ v10 now. Even when I write the files in EE 8.5 format, they can’t be run w/ EFDC+ 8.5. The format of the EFDC.INP file seems to be different. My files created back in 2020 w/ EE 8.4.4 do work. Is there a way to go back to this earlier EFDC.INP format? Please let me know.Thanks,JB

Please send us the model input files in EE10 format and we will look to see why it can’t be run in EE8.5. If you send them in 8.4.4 format too it might help us determine the issue. You can write to the support email and link to Dropbox or another file sharing service if they are large files. Which release of v10 are you using?