EE 8.4 source code

Dear EEMS Team, Good day! I’m in an academic research group and the group purchased the EE 8.4 to apply the atmospheric deposition of chemicals; however, we found that it was not included in the version. The project will end in Dec. 2019, thus we need to simulate it in several months. May I kindly ask you when you plan to add the process in the future? If it’s not in the coming plan, could you please personally provide the EE 8.4 source code, to enable us to manually add the process? Thank you !Sincerely,Minjeong

Hi Minjeong, we have no immediate plans to implement this feature. However, we can send you the source code if you email us at requesting it and at the same time letting us know the customer information.

I tried sending you an e-mail at; however, the e-mail was rejected. Message: "550 5.4.1 []: Recipient address rejected: Access denied []"I used my g-mail account. How can I send the e-mail then? Thanks,Minjeong

sorry, it should be