Editing Water Profiles

I am looking for a a way to change to the display for the velocity within the water profile viewing option from a vector to a magnitude represented by a color, similar to the display function when viewing the grid. Any help would be appreciated.

It is not currently possible to display velocity magnitudes represented color in ViewProfile the way it is in ViewPlan. However, we think it would be a useful addition and will look at adding it in release of EFDC_Explorer 7.1.

Thank you for spending the time to respond, I think it would be a useful addition. Along the same lines, when looking at a cut of the channel displaying the velocity, it shows me the vectors, however every time I click “Parameter Display Options” and then select “velocity” and check the “simple magnitude” button as soon as I hit okay it doesn’t display the magnitude. When I go back the button is automatically unchecked. What I am trying to do is setup and easy way to visually confirm the simulated velocity profiles with those measured in the field, is there a way to display the magnitudes of each layer/cell without having to click on them one at a time?

Sorry, but this is an incomplete feature as of release EE7.0. It should have been greyed out for now, but we expect it to be functional in the next release.