Editing Grids Using Lines and Polygons

My help file seems to be out of date. I cannot seem to be able to access the polygon or line creating and selection tools for editing grids. Can someone provide a detailed explanation of how to access these tools? I’m using EE_7.0.

Hi David,

You cannot use the polygon or line tools to edit grids. You can use these tools to extract data from the model but these don’t allow you to edit the grids. So, to edit the grids, I would recommend to go to your grid generator and then modify it over there.

If you just want to use your EFDC model grid and just want to make few tweaks and don’t want to start the model from sctrach, I would recommend you to try / buy the new grid generator DSI has developed i.e. “CVLgrid”. It allows to directly load the EFDC model and save the model after you modify the grid. The modified grid can directly be loaded to EE with all the boundary conditions and other input files.

FYI, the options to create a polyline are as follows:

Polyline Editing Keys
Shift-LMC Begin a New Polyline and End a Polyline
LMC: Add New Point – > (LMC on a Node – Edit Line) --> (LMC & Drag – Reposition Polyline)
C Close a Polyline
1 Move to First Point
L Move to Last Point
N Move to Next Point
P Move to Previous Point
DEL DEL – Delete Current Point
INS INS – Insert New Point After Current Point
Ctrl-D Delete the Currently Selected Polyline

Hope it helps.