Edited EFDC.INP file automatically overwritten when saving

When I manually edit a EFDC.INP master input file and I save (Full Write) before running a simulation, the EFDC.INP file is automatically modified after the simulation to a default EFDC.INP file, and it doesn’t seem like the changes I made to the original EFDC.INP file are actually used in the simulation. When I manually edit this file and don’t save before running a simulation, however, then my edits are actually used in the simulation. Why is this happening?

When you do a FULL WRITE you are writing the EFDC.INP file with the current settings in EE. So if you manually edit the EFDC.INP file you need to then load the model again to get those changes into EE. If you are saving EE without having previously loaded the revised EFDC.INP you will be overwriting your manual changes.

Actually, until recently EE ignored manual edits of the EFDC.INP file as the .EE files took precedence. This was a known issue and has been modified in the most recent release of EE7.1 so that manual edits of EFDC.INP are now used by EE.