Dye setting in an open boundary condition

How to set the concentration of the dye at the open boundary condition? Is setting a time series or setting a constant concentrations? Does the sequence interval need to be consistent with the water level time series?

Hi Xiao Tao,Either approach is fine for open boundaries. Normally we recommend that when you have a time series for your boundary flow then you should define a time series for the dye concentration too, even if it is doesn’t change over time. When you use a constant flow then you should set should constituent concentrations under “Constant Concentrations.” However, with open boundaries either option works. In terms of time interval, it doesn’t have to be the same for each series, but if you are using a time series for both flow and concentration you should be aware that EE will interpolate between each time stamp given in the time series.

I found something wrong with the dye concentration when I added masks. You can see that in the attachments. I added a mask at the first time, the dye concentration didn’t change in the lake, but there is water go through the masks from open boundary by gate and weir. But when I just canceled the mask, the dye concentration changed correctly. I don’t know what went wrong.

Can you please attach your model and we will have a look at it? Just the model with no #output folder is fine.