Duplicate timestamp from LPT netcdf export

I am analyzing data from a particle tracking simulation using the netcdf export tool. The output times in the netcdf are duplicates every other timestep and I cannot determine why. For example, the first timestep is 12/1/2001 00:00:00, the second timestep is 12/1/2001 01:30:00, and the third timestep is 12/1/2001 1:30:00. The next timestep is 1.5 hours apart and will not duplicate, but the timestep after that will.I have attached an example csv output from the netcdf to illustrate how this pattern repeats (modelTime.csv). Can anyone describe why this is happening? The latitude and longitude of the particles is different for each timestep output (see ParticleLatitude.csv), such that there are identical times but different lat/lon values.

Hi Brandon, which release of EEMS are you using?

10.2.1 Release 200622

We haven’t been able to reproduce your issue. How are you exporting from NetCDF to the CSV file? If you put your model on Dropbox and send the link to us at support@eemodelingsystem.com we will have a look at it.

I’ve determined the problem was actually due to a strange rounding issue in MATLAB rather than Explorer. Apologies for the confusion.

That is good to know. Thanks.