DO Increasing when lake is frozen


I am running a model where there is ice covering the lake from the months of October to May. The dissolved oxygen results for the months of June to September look as expected however the months with Ice coverage have a spike of dissolved oxygen when the opposite is expected. How does EFDC+ Generate the DO? Is there a way to locate what is causing this spike in DO? I am using the Heat Coupled Ice Model with the following COD and DO Parameters:


Thank you for any help.

Hi echen
I’m sorry for the problem you encountered, but I guess the problem comes from the configuration of the model, attached here I exported the model result of DO; water temperature and Ice thickness from a lake simulation model I ran, the COD&DO coefficients are identical to your model, however, during the freezing period of the lake, the DO concentration did not increase suddenly, please check your model, Don’t hesitate to let me know if you still have problems with the model