Discharge - time series error

Good day!I am using EE 8.4 and found that time series data grapher showed identical values for both velocity [m/s] and discharge [m3/s]. Plotting discharge seemed wrong… Can EE developer check this issue? Sincerely,Minjeong

Which method did you use to calculate discharge? Did you use the Flux Tool described here?https://eemodelingsystem.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/EEREF/pages/2379919/VelocitiesIf you could share your model and the exact steps you took we can check it, but we can’t replicate your issue at this stage.

I didn’t use the Flux Tool, but I made a discharge plot using velocity time series tap. Please see the attached figure. I shared the model (efdc-test.zip). Please take a look at it. Thank you! Minjeong

Thanks for clarifying that. Actually EE cannot display the time series of flow using that option - the Y axis is mislabeled and it is still velocity as you said. We will correct that in an upcoming release. To plot a time series of flow you should use the Flux Tool described above.

Dear EEMS Team, Good day!I used the Flux Tool to calculate discharge, and found that the discharge was not identical to a discharge shown in the figure (fig1.JPG). I made one flux line same with dx, and I guessed that discharge was calculated by velocity * dx * water depth; however, it seemed it was not. (1) Could you please explain me how EE interface calculate the discharge which were shown in the figure? (2) Do you think “Discharge= velocity * dx * water depth” is a right formula to calculate discharge in EFDC? Thank you, Minjeong

These values maybe slightly different as discharge displayed in EE ViewPlan is calculated from the cell centroid. However, discharge from EFDC is calculated from the cell face values. This means that the depth is actually the area weighted depth between two cells. EFDC also uses the face velocity not the velocity displayed in EE, which is again the cell centroid value. The EE_VELS.OUT file contains the face velocities.