Difficulty in Saving Sediment Time Series

I have a model with several classes of cohesive sediment. After setting the time series tables, saving them, and running the model once, my output is okay and the time series tables are okay. However a day later when I go to see the time series for cohesive sediments, I often see some tables being overwritten such that the cohesive suspended sediment is zero in some time series. I have gone through many times to try and reset the tables, but it seems to overwrite them again. Is it necessary to save these tables to an external file first? I don’t seem to have a problem when there is only one sediment class. I think the problem may be in the format of the sdser.inp file, as I can still see it contains the saved time series.

Hi skash014,

Would you please let us know which version of Efdc Explorer are you using ? Is it possible for you to share your model so that it would be easier for us to replicate the problem and then come up with a good solution for you.