Different bottom roughness

Hi all,
I’m simulating a wetland which has a surrounding stormwater channels, my question is, if it is possible to set the initial conditions within different bottom roughness,
for both channels, and the body of water from the wetland
How would that?

Gracias Totales


Yes, it is possible to use spatially varying bottom roughness in EFDC using EFDC_Explorer. Starting from EE7, the users have the capability to use EE to assign different bottom roughness in the model. You can have separate bottom roughness for all the cells as well. There are two options to assign bottom roughness in EE.
a) Domain – Initial COnditions and Bottom Roughness – Bottom Roughness – Assign
b) Viewplan 2D – Viewing Opt’s – Fixed Params – Options >> Roughness – Enable Edit turn on.

To edit from viewplan, make sure to check “Enable Edit” button and use ALT + right click to select a rectangle. Then you can change the roughness value for the selected area.