Data format problem(数据处理问题)

I’d like to ask some questions about the data format;So far I’ve learned this phase of dye change in two dimensions,So far I’ve seen tutorial traffic input of 200; 201; 202… 220, time series in days format;I came across the time series of the following pictures which I couldn’t understand at all.Is there any explanation about the time series format of the input conditions? I also can’t understand the data format on the official website. Is there any other more simple introduction,Later, we need to continue to learn the change of water quality, there are many kinds of water quality, and the time series will be more troublesome.

Hi kangwu472
Sorry for the late reply,
In your attached figure shows the time as Julian date and flow value in Scientific format, to show time as day/month/year/hour minutes/seconds there are many ways, but when included in the EE program, they must be in the same format (except for external files used for comparison) as Julian. To convert the time as a Calendar date to a Julian Date you need to define the base date, the Julian date will be the difference calendar date minus the base date (Reference Date/Time).

You can link to the KB to better understand the format that will be set up for the program, below are some suggested links you can refer to: